I note from his letter that Councillor Nick Adams-King was pleased with the events that took place in Romsey last year.

However, I was very disappointed to read just a few days earlier that he is the lead councillor in the proposed demolition of Crosfield Hall.

The Vision for Romsey recognises the need to address the climate emergency but then proposes to add more car parking by demolishing the Crosfield Hall - surely a conflict of purpose.

A comprehensive bus network using electric buses serving all the new and existing residential areas that was both frequent and cheap would reduce the need for car parking and seriously reduce CO2 emissions from cars.

Perhaps a park and ride could be built by the Rapids.

The demolition of the a well loved Crosfield Hall building with a new one by the Rapids would cost at least £5 million and provide no advantage for the people of Romsey.

Such expenditure is unnecessary. I am amazed that councils can just demolish buildings without regard to its value.

Idris Curtis
Netley Abbey