I have succumbed to being a Savvy Smart Shopper!

This older lady (me) is quite proud of herself. I acquire my handset, use my Nectar card and off I jolly well go.

I wander around the shelves picking up bits and bobs and putting them in my bag. I’m happily in thorough control of my own business…. THEN I CAN’T FIND MY MOBILE…

Oh my goodness what shelf have I left it on. I have my list of things I need on there besides my little bits of paper with important information on …. So there I am, all my decorum has left me in a flash.

I’m flitting around up and down the aisles shaking like a crazy woman.

I then go to the customer service department looking like Aunt Sally.

Twice now in Sainsbury’s and even in Lidl last week. Albeit I didn’t have a handset just my phone in my hand to start with.

I have been such a very lucky lady because each time some special person has handed it in.

I don’t know who those people are.

I am writing to you letters, in the hope that somehow I can convey to them my absolute gratitude and thanks.

Yes it might be an older phone but it has all my little jots and important info relevant to me on. The trouble is when this happens I vow not to do it again… So why do I.

Please will someone tell me.

Happy New Year to all the people involved with this paper.

Also to all my very dear family and friends.

Jill Matthews
Aldermoor, Southampton