Yet again we read of traffic chaos in Southampton - what consistency from the Labour administration.

A while back we had Cllr Steve Leggett sprinkling cycle lanes throughout the city - many of which had to be removed at great cost.

Remember Bassett Ave with traffic backed up to the M3 and Hill Lane where all the parking was given over to the cyclists?

Now we are blessed with Cllr Eamonn Keogh and 20mph roads scattered about and major through routes closed to cars and continuous traffic jams.

Almost every journey now taking twice as long. Hill Lane once again included in their shambles.

And, don’t even mention parking charges!

Will Portswood be their next disaster?

Doubtless Labour will want to see the changes through - after all, it’s Government money, so theirs to waste rather than give it back.

Labour = no business sense.

Stop the cars - ruin the city.

Alderman Linda Norris Southampton