A popular Hampshire-based music festival has released an EP featuring music from its huge opening and closing shows.

Fans of Boomtown can re-live this summer's impressive festival, with the EP available to listen to on all major music platforms including Spotify.

Boomtown has released an EP of their "famed" opening and closing ceremony tracks, which are specially curated with artists each year and performed at the start and end of the festival.

This year, the opening ceremony track “The Time is Now” features vocals from underground music scene legend Inja and soulful powerhouse Eva Lazarus, and was produced by KREED and Gold Dubs.

The closing ceremony track “Find Your Light” was produced by Kleu and features vocals from Red.

The EP is being released following unprecedented demand from those who attended Boomtown.

Both songs were performed live across two main stages, 66,000 attendees welcoming them into the festival and then closing out the weekend with award-winning production, performance and visuals.

Daily Echo: Artists and tracks on the EPArtists and tracks on the EP (Image: Boomtown Fair)

KREED said: “My first Boomtown was around ten years ago and like many others, I’ve been hooked since day one.

"The opening and closing ceremonies over the years have always been super inspirational, and for me those shows are a huge part of what gives Boomtown its special and unique flavour as a festival.

"Working with Madly, Rider, Eva, Inja, Gold Dubs, Kleu and the team at Boomtown HQ was a joy in itself, but to see it all come together at the festival ceremonies was straight up mind-blowing.

"From the choreography, dancers and performers to the stage designs, animations and VFX - it was stellar to be a part of.

"The whole crew involved did such a phenomenal job and I’m so gassed to have been able to play a part.

"Big up Boomtown!"

Kleu said: "It was an honour to be asked to contribute to this project.

"From its inception all the way up to the final production itself we couldn't help but feel that we were a part of something very special.

"As for the ceremony itself: it was an utterly life changing experience."

The tracks were written and produced inline with Boomtown’s immersive storyline, ‘Chapter Two: The Twin Trail’.

The focus is on mental health, looking within and giving your true self to the outer world.

The festival has recently offered a deeper understanding into this theme with an explanation into their inspiration for the Chapter being the practice of shadow therapy.

The full EP is now available to stream and download on all major platforms.