A FATHER had to have an “uncomfortable” conversation with his young son after they were confronted by the sight of a sex toy in Tesco.

Poole resident Jiri Vesely was happily shopping in Tesco Fleetsbridge with his 10-year-old son before the pair made the turn into aisle five.

However, the father was left less than impressed when he saw a dildo "on full display" in the middle of the shelf.

He told the Echo: “Me and my son went shopping at Fleetsbridge and we took a turn on aisle five and there was literally a dildo on display in the middle of the shelf.

Daily Echo: Tesco in Waterloo Road, FleetsbridgeTesco in Waterloo Road, Fleetsbridge

“He had never seen one of those before, so he started asking me questions, ‘what is this?’. But what am I supposed to tell him in the middle of the store? 

“It was very, very, very embarrassing and there should be some kind of law saying all those sex toys must be hidden in a section out of the sight of small kids.” 

He has called on Tesco to rethink where it places certain products to avoid any awkward conversations with children. 

“When you buy the sweets in Tesco, they must be hidden and out of sight [at the tills] but the dildos are on full display and it’s absolutely ridiculous,” he added. 

“The staff are not trained properly, you can’t ask them any questions about it, and it’s embarrassing.” 

Daily Echo:

He added: “I had to have a conversation with him when I got home, but I didn't explain what it is for. I just played it nicely, but they put me in a really uncomfortable situation. 

“I understand this is a business, but they clearly need to mark the area as 18 only. It’s like cigarettes, they’re behind the doors so you can’t see them.” 

A spokesman for Tesco said the positioning of products on shelves is “carefully considered” and that sex toys are positioned on higher up. 

He added: “Our range has been well received by customers, with strong sales, and it is one of the fastest growing areas within our wellness category. 

“The packaging of our sexual wellness products does not feature any graphic or explicit imagery.”