Going down to a meeting last Monday morning I was meeting some colleagues at the train station.

As always seem to be the case when I come to Southampton I thought I had come out on the wrong side to meet our lift.

Having crossed the bridge to what I thought was the right side I found I was now on the wrong side so went back over again.

Nothing unusual there and I met up with said colleagues and we went to our two day meeting at the Leonardo Hotel.

Nothing unusual so far until, about 1pm, when we were about to have lunch, I thought I would check my phone. No phone!

Again, nothing unusual as I am of a certain age and constantly putting stuff somewhere random.

A friend rang my phone only to find it answered by a member of station staff at Southampton central.

“A member of the public” had handed it on platform 4 (no idea how it came to be on platform 4 where I wasn’t but never mind).

I went to pick it up, hoping to find out who had taken the trouble to hand it in but the paper note attached just said "member of the public".

The point of this rambling tale is that some kind person handed it in and didn’t leave their name.

The issue is not that I am grateful for their honesty and public spiritedness in handing my phone in but more that today, when I looked at my phone photos I find this one, taken on Monday morning!

Daily Echo: Mystery foursome found on Lucy Duncan's phone.Mystery foursome found on Lucy Duncan's phone. (Image: Lucy Duncan)

A proper 21st-century message.

A group of young people not just doing the right thing but with such bounce and good humour.

I love it.

I don’t know who they are but if there is anyway of finding out I would love, at the very least, to buy them a drink!

Lucy Duncan