A diverse showcase of talent played to a packed crowd on Saturday night.

Dancers and singers from all walks of life joined forces to celebrate the inclusivity and diversity in Southampton's community.

Pioneered by Ram Kalyan Kelly, station manager of Unity 101 radio, Om Shanti Om – Diversity Through Music was a vibrant evening of entertainment.

Daily Echo: The cast of Om Shanti Om The cast of Om Shanti Om (Image: Newsquest)

‘It does not matter where you come from, music and performing arts transcends all cultures and faiths and brings people together", he said.

The cast of 75 performers took to the MAST Mayflower Studios stage after 10 months of hard work and performed to a full house.

Audiences were treated to a vast and varied mix of performances – from Bollywood dancing to 22 solo singers and a Chinese dance group, there was plenty on offer.

Songs were sung in English, Hindi, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Anjali Mavi, lead of the Bollywood dancers, said it was ‘totally different’ to anything the group has ever done.

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The 43-year-old said: “We had 20 dancers in total and the dancers and singers worked with each other.

“I have been doing Bollywood dance for 10 years and our group has performed to a backing track.

“Performing with live singers on the stage was different and difficult to coordinate.

“If the singers missed a beat, we missed a beat.

“It was a lot of work but a really enjoyable journey.”

She added: "The show was an amazing opportunity for the dancers to perform with live singers.

“The performance itself was amazing. There may have been some people in the audience who didn’t understand some of the languages, but everyone was so engaged.

“It was high energy and we got the audience dancing with us.”

A feast for the senses, audiences enjoyed the myriad of performances.

For Kelly, the success of the show is testament to those who worked tirelessly on it.

He said: “People have come from all walks of life with a passion for performing arts and are able to give their time free of charge to be part of a show which represents the world we are living in today.

“This is a multicultural society.

“There is an array of technical crew members behind the scenes who have produced video that can only be described as professional in today’s modern age that we live in.

"I like to come up with new shows, but I welcome any organisation who wants to learn how we created this show, fill all seats, and fund it ourselves, to speak to me.”