You can only praise the fast response of Southampton City Council when one of the busiest roads in Southampton was blocked by a large puddle.

When the Met Office issued an amber warning, Keogh called his leader Kaur (who) called Letts in case emergency funding was needed.

Letts called Bogle - this could have economic costs to the city.

Fielker was too busy on Ebay bidding on food vending machines to feed the elderly so stayed at home.

Tried to call Winning but it's half term.

Councillor Renyard was already sourcing cones - you can never have too many, he shouted. 

ANODISE was implemented.

ABP on the left - they know water. Police on the right - they can do traffic management.

However, Renyard won the day. Keogh agreed ha ha - it's not a bus route or a cycle path.

Letts agreed as his credit card was totally maxed out.

Bogle put forward vehicles leaving the city cost Southampton but vehicles unable to leave have the potential of economic benefits. Maybe they will give up book a hotel, maybe see a show or eat out. 

The "no ideas" meeting concluded, sorry pre-emptive text the "ANODISE" meeting, concluded. 

Evaporation and cones... you couldn't make it up. 

By Martin Noland