“If it isn’t broke, don't fix it!” is a popular expression.

So why are the jokers on the council hell-bent on destroying what I would like to call my own very likeable country-style town/village by throwing up a multi-storey car park, ripping out Crosfield Hall and stuffing it over the other side of the main road at the Rapids?

Any additional shops, arcades or whatever is too much, and will kill off the existing businesses around The Hundred. High street closures are too common elsewhere. Don't cause it here.

I live in Baddesley and enjoy my visits to Romsey, as opposed to Southampton, who are always pulling down one monstrosity to just throw up another one.

Come on, enjoy what you have; the town has a fine balance, nice vibes and friendly people. Save your (and our) money and enjoy what is there.

Keith Gulliford
North Baddesley