Having written that Southampton City Council lacks the ability to design sensible road alterations, I take no pleasure in reading of the additional glaring mistakes with the new Radstock Road/Manor Road South junction.

Bad enough that they included another unnecessary flower bed - next year full of weeds - and the extended pavement which dangerously pushes cars too close to vehicles waiting to exit Manor Road.

It seems they have installed a cycle lane with both a post in the middle and a bench sited on it.

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The council says that it was always intended to be a shared use pavement, but the wording of their response just doesn’t make any sense.

It seems clear that this is just an excuse put forward by SCC to dig themselves out of a hole.

Why otherwise was there a white line in the middle of the pavement?

Daily Echo: The new crossing at the junction of Radstock Road and Manor Road South (Image: Peter Billows)The new crossing at the junction of Radstock Road and Manor Road South (Image: Peter Billows) (Image: Peter Billows)

Why was the cycle symbol put on only one half, terminating with a directional arrow?

Why was there no markings for a shared pavement in the first place?

It was a cycle lane!

If that was the plan it seems foolish to make this a shared pavement, on a bend, increasing the likelihood of a collision between a pedestrian and an oncoming cyclist or an illegal electric scooter.

Now I read they are going to close off Portland Terrace and they assert “64 per cent of people support this in a survey”.

What survey? How many supporters?

Another unwanted scheme from an undemocratic council.

P Davey