In response to the article on bus delays, the people of Thornhill have a choice of three services the numbers 19, 18, 16.

While delays aren't helpful on the daily commute, they're lucky they weren't stuck with one bus on their route that ran hourly and didn't always turn up and no evening, Sunday or Bank Holidays service for many years.

The number 19 bus route seems a very long route - maybe the solution to end the delays is to cut the route in half.

I want to thank Bluestar for improving my route, making it easier for me to get home from work, especially in the evenings, and for continuing to navigate the route while gasworks and crossings gave you many obstacles to manoeuvre around, because the council is going out of its way to make navigating this city for buses nearly impossible, with its road layouts, traffic islands and extra wide pavements.

Bus drivers have a difficult job they should be applauded - better a delayed bus than not turning up at all.

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