I feel compelled to respond to Echo report, Busy road junction to close for six weeks, on September 27.

As part of the Eastern quiet way scheme, changes are to be made at the junction of Cranbury and Station Roads.

The council states the changes/improvements will improve safety and make it easier to cross Cranbury Road.

Part of the improvements includes no right turn from Cranbury Road into Station Road. I fully agree with this change.

However, I am aware that the number 13 Bluestar bus service uses Cranbury Road on some services during school times and particularly as a diversion route if there is a problem on Radstock, Bishops and Sholing Roads in both directions.

I am very concerned on safety grounds that buses will have to use the junctions at Station Road and Spring Road and make an extremely tight left and right turn at this junction.

Modern buses have more than a two-metre overhang at the front of the bus and my concern is that the overhang will encroach over the footways of Station and Spring Roads and there is a risk to a pedestrian being struck by the bus or the nearside mirror.

I am left wondering if there has been any risk assessments carried out by the bus company or the city council?

Also, as part of the changes a zebra crossing will be installed near the junction of Station Road.

The zig zag marking may encroach on the current bus stop. Hopefully, the highway department will be aware of this as the recently installed crossing on Weston Grove Road has a bus stop in place within the confines of the zig zag markings.

I have informed my ward councillor who has contacted the relevant highways officer in order to move the bus stop further along the road.

To date the change has not been made, albeit buses using Weston Grove Road are being diverted because of roadworks further along the road.

Geoff Wilkinson MBE