A Southampton boxing club is on a mission to keep children safe and off the street in the ongoing postcode wars that have broken out in the city. 

Biddz Boxing in Shirley has been running for nearly five years, providing youngsters with a safe space to work out or just have a chat. 

The boxing studio, in Vincent Street, is run by Shane Biddleston, who is passionate about helping young people focus and have the motivation to succeed.

Postcode battles have seen teenagers fighting each other claiming to represent SO14 and SO16 areas.

Speaking to the Echo, Shane said: "I get upset and angry when I hear about these postcode wars. 

"At our training studio, we want to give these kids a space where we can guide them and look after them. 

"We also want to help boost their confidence. 

"They are not allowed to be naughty in here." 

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The Shirley boxing studio is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Shane added: "I was ten when I took up boxing. 

"I have five brothers, and our dad used to train us all the time. 

"Now, I am training kids from scratch, and then we send them to amateur clubs where they can develop their skills further." 

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Since opening, Biddz Boxing has given many people across the city a chance to step in the ring, including Johnny Walker, a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist.

It currently has over 50 students who signed up to improve their mental and physical health

Boxing coach Shane is overwhelmed by how much his sports centre has grown over the years. 

The 46-year-old added: "We have always received positive feedback from parents. 

"We have kids coming right after school to our studio, and this naturally helps develop a routine or a habit. 

"For anyone who wants to come into our studio, I just want to say that it's not a scary place but a safe space to train both, your body and mind." 

Biddz Boxing is open from Monday to Friday at 3pm.