A HAMPSHIRE driving range has become the second largest of its type in Europe as it launched its new ‘groundbreaking’ technology.

On Wednesday, the driving range at Hedge End Golf and Fitness centre hosted its ‘Launch into Europe day’ as it officially presented its new ball tracking technology for the first time.

The 50 bay driving range on Upper Northam Road, Hedge End has now been fitted with Toptracer technology in each of its bays, meaning that when a ball is hit, a tv will show the golfer the path of the ball, how hard it is hit, how much spin it has, and more.

This information can then be recorded on a special app so that the person can keep a record of their shots, and what clubs they were using at the time.

As well as this, the technology allows golfers to play any of the top courses in the world, from their bay.

Using the new TV screens, the user can choose which course they want, and then when they take a shot, that will be shown on the screen as if they were there on the actual course.

According to acting CEO of Artington Gold Limited which owns the driving range, Neil Baines, the site is the second largest in Europe to be fitted with this tech.

Having cost over half a million pounds to install, Mr Baines said: “Toptracer has got 461 Toptracer driving ranges throughout Europe so the technology is ground breaking but it is worldwide and its probably the best technology in the world at the moment.

“It’s increased demand and every hour we’ve got 50 bays with 50 or 100 people, hitting balls against top tracer technology and we open at 10 in the morning until 10 at night so the financial gain is incredible.

“We’re open every single day of the year, with that technology with that amount of people coming in, so from a financial and a business point of view, it’s a no-brainer.”

Daily Echo: Acting CEO of Artington Golf Limited Neil Baines with managing director and owner, Mark Awcock.

Although officially launched on Wednesday, the technology has been in place for around three weeks now, and is said to be attracting a whole new range of customers.

Whereas the customers before were mostly older, now people aged from 14 and upwards are coming to try it out, and the CEO said it has also been very popular with students.

Launching the equipment, Mr Baines took the first official shot at around 1pm on Wednesday.

He added: “The demand and the response has been incredible. It’s a great aid for any standard of golf from a 28 handicap, right up to a professional.”