EDUCATION providers across the Solent have teamed up to improve skills development for employers.

Further education college's across the South, including Eastleigh College and Fareham College, have teamed up with Business South and Solent University.

The aim of this collaboration is to allow them to better serve employers and ensure seamless access to and involvement in career-focused education and skills development.

This comes after the Skills for Jobs White Paper was published earlier this year, outlining reforms to strengthen links between employers, further education providers and universities.

Professor Karen Stanton, Vice Chancellor of Solent University, said: “By working together, we’ll be able to help employers see the wood for the trees, have their say in the development of tomorrow’s workforce and truly benefit from the education, training and apprenticeship opportunities that are available.”

The approach was developed following a panel session and Q&A hosted by Business South that was attended by a range of employers from multiple sectors.