A HAMPSHIRE club is set to raise funds for a new community lottery that will help support "good causes".

The Rotary Club of Fareham raises money to help many charities and community groups locally and internationally.

The club sets out to fundraise throughout each Rotary year, whenever possible, and spends time organising charity events and collecting donations at venues throughout the borough of Fareham.

Now, the club will also be collecting funds through the new Fareham Community Lottery.

As Mike Hurley, President of the Rotary Club of Fareham, said: “With the help of the people of Fareham, and those in the local area, this promises to be a good way of raising much needed charity funds while those entering have a chance to win a jackpot too."

Tickets are £1 a week and for those who choose Rotary Club of Fareham, they will receive at least 40 per cent for this causes.

One of the charities that the club supports is the Stubbington Study Centre that helps young people attend nature courses at Hill Head while learning about wildlife and the environment.