We may not be able to hold picnics in the usual way just yet, but why not hold the next best thing – a virtual picnic?

That way you can invite as many people as you want.

National charity Family Action is running its virtual family picnic from 23-26 May and everyone is invited.

The charity has created a free pack full of tips, ideas and videos to help people to host their own virtual picnic.

You can hold your picnic in your garden, on your balcony or on the living room floor.

Just find some space, make some tasty treats and connect with friends and family online.

Although we are all still respecting social distancing and cannot meet in groups, we can still share experiences together and create happy memories.

And when lockdown finally ends we can do it all again, but this time in person

To find out more and to get your free pack go to


David Holmes CBE

CEO Family Action