SAINTS have announced they intend to put together a "supporters' panel" to "encourage and maintain a positive dialogue between the club and its fans".

The club want up to 12 fans to form a panel, which will meet with "key staff" three-to-four times a year to "discuss a wide range of off-pitch subjects".

"It is hoped this will allow the club to deepen its understanding of issues affecting fans, as well as being able to explain the thinking and processes behind important decisions that have been, or are being, made," the club said in a statement.

"Additionally, it is intended that the panel will provide a forum for supporters to share and discuss new ideas of their own for how to improve any aspect of their experience.

"The club would like to assemble as diverse a panel as possible, to ensure the broadest representation of its fanbase, and is encouraging applications from anyone who would like to be involved.

"All those who are chosen will be encouraged to liaise regularly with their fellow fans, to ensure their best interests are served at the meetings.

"With this in mind, each person on the panel will have their photograph and contact details displayed on a dedicated page on the club’s website, to encourage supporters to engage with them."

Saints' managing director Toby Steele believes the panel, which is to be called Saints Voice, will prove to be highly valuable.

He said: “Our supporters are the lifeblood of the club, and we hope Saints Voice will provide them with a valuable route through which to raise issues and discuss ideas, while also allowing us to keep them informed on key matters.”

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