A FURIOUS young Saints fan has written a pointed letter to manager Mauricio Pellegrino in response to club’s poor start to the season.

Brooke Slatcher, 12, decided to write as a result of her frustration at finally getting a £295 season ticket for her birthday in August for the team to then “constantly lose” since Pellegrino took over at the start of the season.

The final straw came after Brooke sat in block 41 of the Northam stand getting soaked with her aunt Kirsty Bell and grandmother Beverley Bell to watch Saints clash with Crystal Palace only to see her team lose 2-1 after being ahead for most of the game thanks to a goal in the 17 minute from Brooke’s favourite player, Shane Long.

Brooke, who currently plays for the Winchester Flyers, and dreams of playing for Saints when she is older said: “It was an important game and we could have been 12th but we just sat back defending. Why aren’t they playing two strikers and going for the goal and attacking?”

She continued: “Every game I was getting more and more frustrated, and I didn’t want to be rude so I decided it would be best to write them a letter.”

Brooke’s mother, Sophie Bell who posted Brooke’s letter on social media site Twitter said: “Brooke has supported Saints since she was very young and always wanted a season ticket.

"But she’s been disappointed with how they are playing, it's as if they are not putting the effort in.

“As parents we save our money hard to give our children the opportunity to see these games and nothing is given back.”

When asked what advice she would give Pellegrino, pictured, to turn things around Brooke said: “He needs to motivate the players to get them to play well. They should be proud to put on a Saints shirt.”

Despite feeling disappointed about the season so far Brooke is still hopeful that Saints can make the changes needed to turn the season around.

When asked about recently reported rumours of Theo Walcott returning to St Marys the young striker from Winchester simply said: “Bring him back.”


"Dear Mauricio Pellegrino,

"I am writing to tell you how frustrated I am game after game after game, as we are constantly losing.

"Firstly, I have always wanted a season ticket, and this year I finally got one, which at first I was very excited about, but now not so much as I waste my time watching my team lose.

"I also want to tell you that the same thing happens every single game.

"Arsenal: we went one nil up and then we sit back and defend whilst they pass around our box and guess what, they scored.

"Same happened with Leicester, and don't even get me started on the Tottenham game - what an embarrassment.

"Crystal Palace we went 1-0 up thanks to my favourite player Shane Long.

"Then we just sat back defending and then they scored.

"After that we carried on letting them play past us, and they scored again.

"I mean what on earth are we doing in a big game like this, which could move us to 12th, but it is easy for you and the players. You still get your wages but us fans are wasting our money.

"We need to start pressuring the other team and not sit back and defend when we are 1-0 up.

"Also we need to play two strikers, and why haven't we played Charlie Austin from the beginning?

"In your interviews you can't keep saying the same thing such as 'we need to react when we concede.

"We know that. You need to stop saying and start doing.

"It is your job to encourage them as us fans are tired of seeing them unmotivated and not wanting to win.

"Instead of us wasting our money on random players nobody has heard of we need to spend it on players we know are good.

"After reading this I would like a reply and to see an improvement.

"Thank you, Brooke Slatcher (12 years old).

"PS, if I played with the same attitude as some of these players I would be subbed.

"PPS, I would have written more but I got too angry."