RALPH Hasenhuttl insists he won’t struggle to motivate his players if they have to start playing games behind closed doors.

Their game with Norwich looks set to go ahead as planned, with fans in attendance.

But with the Government revealing that coronavirus is going to continue to get worse before things start to get better.

Asked if he’d struggle to motivate his team to play without fans, Hasenhuttl said: “I don’t think so.

“I have a team that likes to hunt, even if that is on the training pitch.

“When I saw the game between PSG and Dortmund, it was a very intense game and I don’t feel there was less intensity, and this was nice to watch.

“Sure, it is different when you see Liverpool v Atletico and the atmosphere in the ground. I understand the atmosphere makes it a different game.

“If I had the choice to play without a crowd or for them to shut it down completely, I would play without a crowd.”

There had been some calls for the Premier League to just cancel the season.

However, that would create a number of issues, regarding both European qualification and relegation.

Because of this, Hasenhuttl thinks it’s better if they are able to finish the campaign, even if that means no supporters are able to witness the action.

He added: “We are working every day to get the team better and it’s not easy to say we will take a one-month break and then go again.

“If it’s possible, we should finish as many games as possible. If it helps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus by playing behind closed doors, then we should do that.

“Maybe every game could be broadcast, so people wouldn’t watch it from a pub as that would minimise the risk.

“But when I see them outside the stadium in Paris celebrating with 5,000 people, it doesn’t make sense.

“This is not why we should play behind closed doors.

“To be honest, I don’t want to be the person who makes this decision. I find every day that I have to make a lot of big decisions.

“You can see in other countries how quickly the virus spreads and that can give you a feeling to make clear, radical decisions.”