RALPH Hasenhuttl will continue to prepare his players for Saturday’s match against Norwich until he hears otherwise.

The Premier League are waiting on the UK government to announce their action plan, which should happen at the conclusion of their emergency COBRA meeting this afternoon.

Hasenhuttl said: “The latest is that we are focusing on the game at the weekend.

“The last information I had is that it will happen. With, or without, fans is something we are having to look at day by day.

“At the moment, it looks as though we have a normal game at the weekend.

“We will try to focus on this game as much as possible by training as we normally do but also trying to avoid too much social contact.

“We need to minimise the risk to spread the virus and we are waiting for other information.”

Hasenhuttl also admitted that his players are becoming concerned with the spread of coronavirus.

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed three members of his squad are suffering from symptoms, with Chelsea boss Frank Lampard cancelling training.

Although Hasenhuttl said his side are fully-focused when training, he admitted it’s impossible for them to ignore what’s going on.

He added: “I think it’s normal that there are more important things around us than football to focus on and then it’s not so easy to bring the focus back on the pitch if you need to.

“The good thing is that if you are out on the pitch, you can forget a little bit about what is going on and enjoy playing with the team because the atmosphere is good.

“But then everybody, when they step off the pitch, is looking for the newest information. You can follow all over the world the problems we have had with the virus. It has spread very quickly.

“It’s normal that you are immediately looking.”