Ralph Hasenhuttl admitted that Saints are struggling to find any balance in their play.

After the 9-0 thrashing against Leicester the decision was taken to make Saints far more defensive for back-to-back games at Manchester City.

While that ended with two defeats the manner of particularly the Premier League loss was a little more encouraging.

However, as soon as the pressure was on Saints to attack again as they hosted Everton they struggled and ended up on the losing side once more.

Hasenhuttl said: “It’s not our way to defend and stay on the back foot but to stand on the front foot and be brave at the moment we don’t have enough.

“Sometimes when you see us coming out of the half time it is there and you can do it but it is only for a short moment you feel they are believing and really doing what they can do and after one or two situations and after the goals especially the second half was gone again.

“It is a result of all the lost games in the past and to come out of this circle we need all the power and energy in the next weeks otherwise it is difficult.”

Saints did become more positive at the start of the second period but once Everton retook the lead they again fell back.

“I think the reaction was ok in the second half,” reflected Hasenhuttl. “We came out early and really tried to do something and in that moment you could feel the team believes for a short moment what we are doing.

“In the moment what we need is a positive result but we don’t get it because it’s always running after a goal after a short time when we are one down and this doesn’t help, absolutely not.

“We keep on working and keep on believing in what we are doing and this is the only chance.”

It is certainly a very testing time for Hasenhuttl who is trying to remain calm and positive for the sake of his team.

“You try to see clear and try to find the right decision because it doesn’t happen if you feel powerless,” he admitted.

“It is in the moment not nice but this is also part of this job. It is not always nice, it is not always winning games, it is not always celebrating with the fans. It’s sometimes being out there and a little bit disappointed about what happens at the moment.

“Still this is my job to hold the head up and try to find the right decisions.”