Ralph Hasenhuttl has told his team to protect their leads more carefully.

Derby came back from two goals down for the second time in a week-and-a-half to peg back Saints and eventually eliminate them from the FA Cup.

It should be little surprise given that Saints have also given away more points from winning positions than any other Premier League club this season.

It’s something Hasenhuttl desperately wants to change.

He said: “I think what is the most important point is to stop getting early goals after getting the lead.

“The next 10-15 minutes very often are the crucial minutes for us and that’s where we have to work and don’t change the way we play or our game plan after getting the lead and that’s what we have good focus in the Premier League but not in the FA Cup at that moment.

“Maybe it felt too easy and the respect of the opponent that comes from the Championship was not high enough at that moment.

“We get two times the same principles - very good game, 2-0 in front and then it was too easy how we gave it away.

“I think the two goals we received were very similar. The first is a set piece where I thought in the first moment it was offside but the VAR made a fantastic job because one player was a little bit with his foot behind the line so it was not offside.

“It was new for us all but I think it was tight but it was not offside and one time we had an advantage from VAR first half and one time a disadvantage.

“It was 2-1 and it was a crucial moment because we got the 2-2 and it was an open game until the end with both teams wanting to win.

“We will not take a big analysis of this game with our meeting with the team because the next game on Saturday needs to get as quick as possible focussed.

“Maybe a few good things with a good transition forward with the second goal perfectly played from Jack (Stephens) to Reddie (Nathan Redmond) is a positive thing from this game and keep the negative as small as possible.

“It doesn’t feel good we are out of the FA Cup but we have important game to follow and we have to show we can battle against Everton after 120 minutes on Wednesday evening.”