Kelvin Davis says he will try and inject some of his own personality into the Saints squad to try and bring about an unlikely win at Tottenham tomorrow night.

The legendary goalkeeper has been placed in caretaker charge for the game at Wembley following the sacking of Mark Hughes.

Though Davis’ spell as boss is not expected to stretch further than one match, the man who played more than 250 times for the club and won two promotions believes he can have an impact.

He said: “I have got some time period between now and the game and also it’s not about drumming things into them and psyching them up and trying to make them too different from what they are. It’s just me trying to give a bit more of my personality to what I’m asking them to do.

“Technically I think we have got fantastic players.

“There has obviously been something missing that hasn’t been turning those draws into wins. “Maybe I can add that little bit extra and if we see a little bit of that it might be the difference that gets us the points we need.”

Davis learned he would be placed in temporary charge after going for a 6.30am jog and reporting to the training ground and will call upon the experience of goalkeeping Dave Watson and under-23s coach Craig Fleming to assist him.

“I haven’t really absorbed the day and not long ago I was having a little jog and now I’m here,” reflected Davis. “It will be a reaction of pride.

Southampton is my club and my family’s club, a place I have lived for 13 years and feel at home here.

“I will be very proud to hold that position for as long as the club need me.”

Davis admitted that the club have now to focus on getting back on track after a difficult time.

“I think we have gone away a little bit from where we were and we can’t deny that,” he confessed.

“We are in a results business and we have been on an incredible journey in the time I have been at the club.

“We are sitting in a position now where everybody feels it is time to go again and push for that next level while understanding where we are right now.

“It’s two stages to get ourselves on an even keel and settled position and then look to push on.

“Nobody loses games of football on purpose. It starts to happen and creeps in and that’s why I’m sitting here and the circumstances have evolved as they have and it’s something we need to change.”