SAINTS are looking to introduce a new type of season ticket which could cost up to £1,775.

Fans were sent a survey by the club asking for their opinion about the proposed Season Ticket Plus concept. 

It would see radical changes made to the current hospitality services on offer which would enhance the catering services and bring in a designated seating area.

Daily Echo:

Phil Gatrell is a season ticket holder and lifelong fan who thinks the survey was ill-timed given the poor start to the season.

Gatrell said: “It felt a bit like a cold sales pitch which was devoid of any football related questions to balance it out.

“On face value, it appears there is a great deal happening to boost what our hospitality currently offers, instead of improving what is happening on the pitch.

"It would have gone down a lot better if they said they would use the extra money from the proposed changes to do something like building a dedicated train station outside the ground.”

Saints moved to reassure supporters that the survey relates to an entirely new scheme which won't impact on the current prices for a season ticket.

They say it is instead an entirely new venture the club are researching around potential updates to the existing hospitality and corporate events offerings available.

A Southampton FC spokesperson said: "A number of fans who have attended events at St Mary’s were approached to provide their views on a range of ideas for consideration, in order to make sure any new products introduced in the future are based on input from our supporters. 

"Our sole aim is to continue to understand the views and expectations of our supporters and identify which potential changes to the St Mary’s experience they would most value and enjoy."

Also mentioned in the survey was the prospect of safe standing.

The Government is currently debating whether to allow English Premier League clubs to remove seats from the terraces.

Saints revealed that they would investigate adapting small areas of the ground if it proved to be a popular choice amongst the fans.

And Gatrell admitted that this was one part of the survey they got right.

He added: “Safe standing seems a good idea.

“I think it’s good they are looking at it now as opposed to next year as it gives them the chance get things in place if they were to go ahead with it.”