A HAMPSHIRE MP filmed sleeping during a parliamentary debate has apologised.

New Forest West MP Sir Desmond Swayne was shown slumped over with his eyes shut as he listened to a speech on the EU Bill from Tory colleague Ken Clarke.

A short video of the incident was posted on Twitter by the BBC.

 The 58-second clip starts with Sir Desmond beginning to lean his head to the side. Leaning on his right hand, the MP keeps his comfortable pose for around 40 seconds, before quickly jerking his head upright.

Sir Desmond, who is paid £75,000-a-year as an MP, breaks into a smile as he wakes.

The MP told the Echo: “One minute I was listening intently to the debate and the next moment I had no recollection of what happened.”

Sir Desmond said he had received three texts from colleagues telling him to wake up.

“I apologise profusely” said Sir Desmond, who said he meant no disrespect to Mr Clarke.