IT COULD be one of the city’s first volunteer lollipop teams.

Parents at a Southampton primary school have become so worried about what they say is a “dangerous” crossing outside their children’s school that they have offered to patrol the crossing themselves.

And one has even volunteered to jump out of a plane to raise cash to fund changes that she claims are necessary.

Catherine Knight, 38, from Millbrook, said her daughter was nearly knocked over by an impatient driver while she crossed the zebra crossing on Victor Road in Shirley.

She says the traffic is so bad at peak periods that she has set up a campaign to try to resolve the issue.

The Calm the Crossing Action Group has already gathered 100 signatures from concerned parents calling for city councillors to fund changes to the crossing - after the zebra crossing installed just twelve months ago has proven ineffective.

Parents say that drivers become so impatient at pinch periods that they ignore the crossing and make their way down the road regardless of the dozens of youngsters around - and that there’s nothing to warn drivers that they are approaching a school crossing.

Catherine, a ‘house mum’ with daughters aged six and nine at the school, said she monitored the crossing one day. She said: “In the space of five minutes I saw eight cars go through whilst someone was still in the process of crossing on the lines themselves.”

She added: “It’s very very dangerous. The cars just don’t stop so or they inch across while there are still people crossing.

“It’s very frustrating. The council should have done it properly in the first place. I’ve suggested they put more signage up - the signage is totally inappropriate.”

Shirley ward councillor Satvir Kaur said: “Road safety is paramount to myself and ward colleagues. As soon as concerns were raised by parents, we met with them and with council officers onsite at Wordsworth Primary School prior to the holidays to observe the crossing during the school run.

“We had a productive meeting at Wordsworth School, where we agreed to collectively work with the school and parents on plans to improve the safety of the crossing.”

The city council currently has 35 crossing patrols in post across Southampton.

Head teacher Rick Page was contacted by the Daily Echo but did not offer any comment.