A HAMPSHIRE University student union president has suddenly resigned from her post.

Megan Maddex, the president of Southampton Solent University Students Union left her position this week after 18 months in office but it is unclear why she resigned.

The former BA (Hons) Media, Culture, and Production Student commenced her position on July 1, 2016, and will leave on January 1, 2018.

During her time in office, Megan has campaigned to get gender-neutral toilets on campus and safer crossings outside the new £33m Spark building which opened last year.

In a statement released to students at the University, Megan said: "The unfortunate thing about being president is that a lot of the work I do is often highly confidential and can sometimes be difficult to communicate.

"This is a challenge the previous presidents have faced and one I’m sure the next president will as well.

"Over my time representing you I have worked with my vice presidents to ensure students continue to get funding for additional course costs, working to get more choice for cadets, and consistently feeding back to the university any concerns students have raised.

"Southampton Solent University is a unique institution full of innovation, creativity, and talent.

"It wouldn’t be what it is without you. Solent students make the university great and you all contribute to the vibrant community on campus and across the city."

Union sabbatical officers and trustees are currently working on a plan to ensure that the presidents duties are fulfilled until the next round of union elections next year.

The Daily Echo has contacted Megan Maddex for further comment.