A JURY is set to decide the fate of an alleged fake taxi driver accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a drunk clubber.

Last night, the 12 person jury was sent out by judge Peter Henry to begin their deliberations.

It comes after a six day trial at Southampton Crown Court, into allegations made against Elvis Williams.

The 58-year-old, of Mosaic Close, is accused of posing as a taxi driver to kidnap a woman.

He is also accused of touching her 'upper thigh' on the drive home, before dropping her off on a sliproad of the M27.

Yesterday, both prosecution and defence closed their respective cases.

Prosecuting, Richard Martin, told the jury how Williams was seen "circling" the city's clubbing district in Bedford Place moments before picking up his victim in the early hours of July 30 last year.

He said that a security guard had heard Williams, 58, shouting "taxi" from the window of his Seat Leon.

Mr Martin told the jury how concerned security staff had dialled 999 after seeing William's alleged victim get into his vehicle.

He also recapped the prosecution's view that the alleged touch of the victim's upper thigh was sexual.

He said: "The deliberate touch was sexual.

"She (the victim) did not want it and he (Williams) did not reasonably think she wanted it."

Mr Martin added: "That is a private area.

"A touch on the elbow or on the shoulder, perhaps. But a touch their, no."

Mr Martin disputed claims that Williams was there to pick up his own daughter and question if Williams was just a "good Samaritan", there to give lifts to drunken party-goers.

In defence, Berenice Mulvanny, maintained the victim was aware that the defendant was not a taxi driver before she got into the car.

She added that the victim was drunk and had not reported the incident to the police.

Ms Mulvanny said the victim may have "overreacted" after officers tracked her down and interviewed her about the alleged incident.

She added: "She (the victim) was happy to be at her home address that morning, despite the fact that she had given this supposed 'monster' her home address."

Ms Mulvanny also stated her character was an "eccentric and colourful character", but denied he was aggressive.

Mr Williams, who denies kidnap and sexual assault, is due back in court tomorrow, when the jury will continue their deliberation.