A ‘FAKE’ taxi driver lured a drunk woman into his car before sexually assaulting her as he drove her home, a jury has been told.

Elvis Williams allegedly touched his intoxicated victim inappropriately after posing as a taxi driver outside a Southampton nightclub.

He then left the drunk woman on the side of a motorway slip road after she screamed at him to let her out, say the prosecution.

The victim also made a phone call to a friend who demanded that Williams tell him where they were.

Williams allegedly replied: “She’s got no clothes on, come and get her.”

After the call was ended, the victim screamed to be let out of the car.

Williams later dropped her off on the slip road of junction nine of the M27, near Whiteley.

There she met a a group of men who called the victim’s friends to pick her up.

Williams, 58, of Mosaic Close, Southampton, denies kidnap and sexual assault.

During the opening of his trial at Southampton Crown Court yesterday, the jury was told how Williams was spotted driving around Bedford Place in July, calling out his driver’s side window as if he were a taxi.

This prompted concerns from two off-duty security staff, visiting the owner of nightclub 90 Degrees, after travelling back from work in Swindon.

One of the pair, Marcel Cullers, thought Williams was targetting women.

Mr Cullers subsequently approached one woman, who was alone and intoxicated, to warn her not to get Williams’ Seat Leon.

However, she proceeded to get into the car.

Mr Cullers said that he heard Williams say “you better have money” in an aggressive manner before speeding off. He later phoned the police to report the incident.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, alleged that Williams touched the inside of her upper thigh while driving her home.

Prosecuting, Richard Martin told the jury that the victim had not consented and that it constituted a sexual assault.

Police arrested Williams on the same day of the assault, which took place in the early hours of July 30.

According to the prosecution, Williams “exercised his right to silence” and gave a no-comment interview to police.

Mr Martin said that he will later provide evidence that Williams was not a licensed taxi driver and did not have the necessary insurance for a commercial vehicle.

Williams, who appeared in court wearing a dark suit and glasses, has pleaded not-guilty to all charges.

The trial continues