HE'S helped dozens of homeless people over the years and now he's back to help them again.

Dean Constable will be offering free haircuts to those in need in a gesture of seasonal good will.

The barber from Woolston - who has had a shop on Bedford Place for the last 15 years - has been offering his Boxing Day haircuts to the city's homeless population for four years now and this year has teamed up with two other city businesses to extend their reach.

This year the 40 year old will be joining up with Spice World and A &L Personnel Ltd, with the St Mary's Street restaurant offering food on Boxing Day to those who come for a haircut.

Dean, a dad of four, said: "It makes you feel good. The homeless situation is getting worse in Southampton. But God gives you health and strength and the ability to help - so you do."

Now Lennox Henry from A&L Personnel will also be helping out on Boxing Day. He said: "We are a family of three enterprises, and as a business we have a social responsibility. We need to give back to our community. The Christmas period is a time for inclusiveness. It gives us the ability to give back."

And long term Affricardo customer Trevor Liburd was so moved by the charitable event that he has donated some tracksuits to be given out on Boxing Day too.

But it's not just a Christmas event - Dean also works with homeless charity Society of St James by providing a "loyalty card" so that users of the charity can come and get a free haircut every Wednesday.

It comes just days after Southampton City Council announced they have asked a camp of homeless people and activists to move out of the city centre, after they set up a protest on Above Bar to campaign for better homelessness provision.

As previously reported the council also announced 25 extra beds for the city's homeless - and that the cost of dealing with the issue costs £5million a year.

Society of St James operations director Jane Smith said: "'We really appreciate the support from Affricardo offering haircuts to our service users as it is not something that is easily affordable for many of them, and the impact it has on their self-confidence and wellbeing is huge. Thank you to Dean from all at SSJ'.