HUNDREDS of Hampshire fans will next Thursday witness professional snooker at Southampton Guildhall for the fourth year running.

Sell-out crowds have convinced Matchroom to continue using the Guildhall as a venue for the Sky Sports-televised Premier League .

This year it’s Judd Trump against Peter Ebdon and Ding Junhui against Stuart Bingham. Each match is six frames and a 25-second shot clock is used throughout.

Watching the cameras whizz about and seeing the rehearsals and the warm-up add to the occasion. The other interesting aspect is being able to see the players’ whole cue-action rather than just the front half as we often see on television.

For many youngsters, this is their first chance to see live professional snooker.

In previous years, Guildhall crowds have been privileged to see John Higgins, Marco Fu (twice), Stephen Hendry, Neil Robertson (twice), Ronnie O’Sullivan (twice), Shaun Murphy, Ding Junhui (twice), Judd Trump.

Tickets priced £18, and £15 for over-60s and under-16s, are available from the Southampton Guildhall box office (023 8063 2601). A fee is charged for phone and internet bookings.

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