This week I start a new job at Police Headquarters in Winchester.

I am over-seeing some of the important changes we are going to make in Hampshire Constabulary to improve the way we communicate with and serve the public.

That includes the work of our force control room (the place you get through to when you ring 999), our Force Enquiry Centre (the place you get through to if you ring non emergency e.g. 0845 045 4545), our corporate media and communications dept. and more.

I shall miss working in Southampton but it's time for someone else to have what I think is one of the best jobs going.

Superintendent Steve France-Sargeant is the new Commander for Southampton and Chief Superintendent Dave Thomas is the Commander for the newly merged West Policing Area. Good luck to them both. It's possible they may take over this blog but in the meantime it's still me.

My leaving do last week was split between one of the oldest pubs in town (Tudor connections and a parrot, know where?) and one of the newest Indian restaurants - both were great.

My departure was short lived though as this week I come back to take charge of the Saints v Charlton game. I hope that won't feature in a future blog as if it did that would probably mean there had been problems and buoyant Saints heading back to the Championship don't need any fan trouble.

Any such potential problems though would pale into insignificance in comparison to what the Police Service of Northern Ireland is facing with the murder of PC Ronan Kerr.

How hard it must be, but how important to give good leadership at such times. Let's hope the community turns against those responsible and even better turns them in.

How the police service and the community recover from such tragedy is dependent on the trust and confidence with each other. One of the purposes of my new job is to increase that confidence in policing.

One way to do that is for us to find a more open and accessible identity and voice, both collectively and individually. For me this blog has been one small way to try and do that. If you've ideas about how we can communicate better please let me know.