Talented students from HSDC South Downs took to the stage at the Great Barn in Titchfield, performing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

The second year Acting for Stage & Screen pupils showcased five months of hard work.

This is their fifth consecutive year entertaining at the historic venue.

A process of text exploration, workshops and theme discovery prepared them. The students also studied modernising theatre for contemporary audiences.

Jimmy Ryan-Shedden, lecturer of drama said: "We have contemporised, reimagined, pulled apart and developed this Shakespeare classic into something that is relevant and valid to modern audiences in the present day.

"This is, and was the remit of the student’s final task, as part of the acting for stage and screen course at HSDC. Many times, within this process, the students and I, have questioned whether Shakespeare would be accepting of the contemporisation of his works. Well, I am certain that he would be."