In his fresh off the shelf children's book, 'A Rubbish Journey', Jonah Rideout spins a heart-stirring narrative about a nine-year-old environmental maverick, Megan.

Megan, who initially has careless habits, becomes involved in an oceanic escapade after recklessly littering once too often. On her journey, she meets sea creatures affected severely by littering and pollution.

Megan’s adventure is both fun-filled and illuminating, designed specifically to pique the interest of young readers, whilst educating about the perilous risks of marine litter to wildlife.

By interacting with distinctive marine animals and playing her part in their rescue, Megan offers crucial lessons about plastic waste dangers.

Rideout’s debut, bearing resemblance to popular eco-literature such as 'Someone Swallowed Stanley', predicts to be a fundamental instrument for future generations.

It attempts to pave way for a litter-free world through an engaging story, proving both delightful and instructional for youthful audiences.

In the book blurb, after Megan discards her ice lolly wrapper into the sea, she is thrown into a wild marine quest.

Accompanied by Trent the Tough Tornado Tackling Turtle and other aquatic life forms, the team combats the threats of plastic pollution safeguarding marine sanctity.

The book will be published on June 25.

Mr Rideout said: "I’ve always enjoyed writing in my spare time for as long as I can remember. This started with jotting down ideas on bike rides and travelling around Asia, which over time evolved into a series of fun yet educational children’s books, focusing on real world issues."