An Eastleigh mum, who felt let down by doctors when her son displayed signs of autism, has written a book to assist other parents.

Taiba Bajar's book, Unlock Autism, records her personal experience alongside the results of her two-year investigation into the disorder.

Staring down a four-year wait for a formal diagnosis for her son and the prospect of little aid, Ms Bajar drew on her dental science degree to delve into the details of brain function.

She focussed on the links between gut health and brain activity, cerebellum growth, methylation, and emotional intelligence-building.

Ms Bajar was facing a long wait for a diagnosisMs Bajar was facing a long wait for a diagnosis (Image: NJRPR Communications Agency)

Her son, who had difficulty with speech and intense noises, and also experienced severe bouts of sleeplessness at two years of age, has since significantly improved.

He now thrives in a mainstream school environment, forming friendships, and developing without specialist assistance.

Ms Bajar said: "After asking for help and only being given 30-minute support every eight weeks, I knew it wouldn’t be enough to support my son on his journey.

The book has been released this monthThe book has been released this month (Image: NJRPR Communications Agency)

"Understanding that up until the age of five, a child’s brain can be re-wired through a process called neuroplasticity, my research began.

"I’m delighted with his progress and even his teacher doesn’t believe he has any special educational needs.

"It was such a breakthrough for us, and it’s why I have founded Autism Brain Empowerment to help other parents.

Her son now thrives in mainstream schoolHer son now thrives in mainstream school (Image: NJRPR Communications Agency)

"My book Unlock Autism is the next chapter in bringing this research and findings to more mums and dads who need it most, so they too can unlock their child’s potential within 12 months."

Unlock Autism - published today (June 13) - provides readers with a seven-step autism action plan offering, practical tips, step-by-step guidance, and worksheets.

The book also offers in-depth advice for managing behavioural difficulties, enhancing communication, and upping wellness.