A new breakfast diner has opened in Shirley and is serving a well-priced and locally sourced full English breakfasts on the high street.

The Retro Diner on Shirley Road serves a classic English breakfast with a traditional diner aesthetic.

Located at the site of the former Culture Caff venue, the Retro Diner is open seven days a week from 7am until 2pm.

For those not looking for a breakfast, Retro Diner also has a lunch time special board that will serve meals including steak and pies.

This is not the first time the Retro Diner has been serving residents, with the eatery open in the same building a decade ago.

The new owner plans to "restore the diner to its former glory".

The Retro Diner will be serving breakfastThe Retro Diner will be serving breakfast (Image: NQ) James Anothony, owner, said: “The previous owner offered us the opportunity to take over the building and we wanted to bring the Retro Diner that many of us remember back to Shirley.

“Ten years ago, the Retro Diner was the heart and soul of the high street.

“We have lots of cultured cuisine and eateries in the area but we were missing an old-school style breakfast diner.

“All our sausages and bacon are sourced from the butchers in Shirley. Our tomatoes and mushrooms come from the local green grossers – everything we do is as local as it can be.”

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The small breakfast is priced at £5.99, with the medium and large being priced at £7.95 and £9.95 respectively.

There are also a range of omelettes, sandwiches and baps as well as a specials menu fort lunch time dishes.

James, 37, currently has four members of staff who are all local to Shirley and Millbrook.

Inside the Retro Diner Inside the Retro Diner (Image: NQ) He continued: “I have previous experience running burger vans and market stalls – I have always been self-employed.

“Residents in Shirley have been loving what we are bringing back to the area – many of them still remember the original Retro Diner.

“It’s such a perfect location for all the people who move up and down the high street.”