Handicapped Hampshire artist Tom Yendell is enhancing the stay of Heartbeat House residents by donating art painted with his mouth and feet.

Heartbeat's supportive work for cardiac patients and their families moved Tom extensively after attending a talk by Tina Tolley, the charity's Head of Business and Donor Development.

He was particularly touched by the heart-warming support rendered by the charity through its comfortable 24-bedroom Rotary Heartbeat House, a haven for the families of patients seeking treatment at the University Hospital Southampton.

Born without arms and hands due to the drug Thalidomide being prescribed to his mother during pregnancy, Tom has gifted 24 paintings from himself and other artists who paint using their mouths and feet.

Tom ignited his passion for art at a very young age. He honed his skills by himself, learning to adeptly wield brushes with his mouth and feet.

Tom's donated artworkTom's donated artwork (Image: Supplied)

His talent earned him a BA in Expressive Arts from Brighton University after attending Treloar’s School and College in Alton.

Mr Yendell, from Winchester, said: "I was told to get on with it, I adapted and found that I could get by. I tried new things and pushed myself.

"Hands are overrated. I have lived an incredibly full and enjoyable life and I was raised to be socially minded, so I believe it’s important to give back.

"I don’t like the word disabled – it’s negative. I much prefer to think of it as being unique. We’re all unique, just like Heartbeat, that is what makes us special."

Venice by Tom YendellVenice by Tom Yendell (Image: Tom Yendell)

As a board member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association, supporting over 750 artists across the globe, Tom aspires that his donated art will enhance the experience for all Heartbeat House guests.

Ms Tolley said: "The work the MFPA does is so important. We’re not only going to be displaying the pictures in the house, but we’re also offering anyone who is staying with us the chance to buy the paintings. That way, once they’re sold, we can make a contribution back to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists too."