On our bus today, Bluestar number 2, which was quite full, I said to my husband "Are the schools off again?". 

To which this individual started a vile outburst aimed at elderly people.

He was sitting in the first seat, which is primarily for us senior citizens. My husband has major health problems, as do I.

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He had three children, one of whom was a baby in a pram! Now, I always taught my sons that if an elderly person got on, they should give up their seat.

However, not this oik. He started a foul tirade, stating that, "My kids just came out of hospital!" Well, for a start, on number 2? Surely 6C?

The tirade went on with "Hope you choke to death!" Folk were upset! Disgraceful language in front of his family. Oh well, we're leaving.

Maggie Rickards