Eagle-eyed residents may have spotted a yellow National Grid helicopter looming above them this morning.

According to plane tracking website FlightRadar24, the yellow helicopter took off from its base in Bristol at 09:22 to fly to Gosport, arriving at 10am.

The helicopter had a scheduled flight departing from Southampton at 10:48 to arrive in Bournemouth at 10:58.

The National Grid has confirmed the helicopter was carrying out “routine inspection surveys” which are overseen by the National Grid Electricity Distribution.

Hedge End resident Katy Guyatt spotted and photographed the helicopter whirring through the area before its scheduled flight at 10.48am.

Katy said: “At first I thought it could be a chinook as it was so loud. Once I realised it wasn’t, I figured it must be something low to the ground since it was so loud.

“Just the other week, there was an air ambulance which landed not too far from here. We get helicopters fly over here every now and again, but never usually one from the National Grid.

“Since I could tell the helicopter was so low, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to grab my camera and try to capture a picture of the helicopter.”

The electricity company said: “National Grid Electricity Distribution owns and operates a fleet of five helicopters from our Helicopter Unit headquarters at Bristol Airport.

"Our yellow distribution network helicopters are often seen covering our patch of the South West, Midlands, and South Wales.

"We fly closer to electricity infrastructure than general aviation is allowed, but it’s a safe and controlled operation.”

The National Grid’s fleet of helicopters patrols pylons and power lines across the country — a job that has been carried out for over six decades in order to keep the electricity network in good health all year round.

The experienced teams are tasked with identifying damaged parts, wear and corrosion on pylons and cables, while also looking for issues in and around the area of pylons such as excessive vegetation growing too close to a line.