An airline has provided an update after it announced it would cut flights to Southampton.

Guernsey-based Aurigny said it is temporarily restructuring its timetable until a fully serviceable fleet is available.

The spate of recent issues includes ‘multiple unexpected technical events’.

But there is no planned reduction on Aurigny services for the period June 1 to July 4.

A spokesperson said: “There may be occasions when capacity on offer is reduced because of a lower demand profile or an unplanned disruption scenario.

“But otherwise, all services will be maintained in line with the importance of Southampton as a lifeline route for Guernsey.”

Following the announcement made earlier this week, Aurigny said nearby regional routes will be consolidated to reduce the level of flying, with lifeline London routes facing minimal disruption.

All summer European destinations remain unaffected.

Aurigny CEO Nico Bezuidenhout said: “By consolidating some of our routes, we can provide a more reliable service for passengers travelling on our busiest routes.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience between now and 4 July and look forward to running a fully serviceable fleet that will provide the standard of service that we strive for.”