A nine-year-old girl's petition for a lollipop lady to be brought back to her school has gathered over 400 signatures.

Jessica Tyrrell stood outside the Freegrounds Junior School on Hobb Lane, Hedge End to get signatures for her petition to bring back a lollipop person onto the road.

The idea came after she was shocked to discover her local lollipop lady had resigned following cuts by Hampshire County Council.

The nine-year-old and her mum, Katrina, and dad Mark, as well as her girlguiding leader Megan Adams, stood outside the school on Wednesday morning with parents signing the petition.

Speaking outside the Hedge End school, Jessica said: “I think we have more than 400 signatures between online and on paper. It’s the third day we have been here and people are still signing.

“We used to have the lollipop lady and she has been here for a long time and people are used to crossing with her. It’s no longer safe as she’s no longer here.

“She was amazing, she was really nice and really good at her job.”

When asked what she thought if the school was left without a school crossing patrol, she said: “It’s going to make it a lot less safe. It’s going to be dangerous.”

The petition started by her mum has already gathered 285 signatures online, over halfway to the 500 goal.

The page said: “Having a lollipop person ensures that children can cross safely during peak hours, reducing the likelihood of road incidents.

“It’s vital for our community in Hedge End, Southampton, to prioritize the safety of our children.

“Please sign this petition to bring back a lollipop person at Freegrounds schools and help keep our children safe! Thank you for your support.”

Jessica’s dad Mark, 45, said: “There is no way a nine- or 10-year-old is able to determine the speed at which a car that comes around the bend is going.

“Not having someone to help cross the road with is not safe for the children.”

Hampshire County Council was approached for comment.