The UK Government's newly unveiled 'skills boot camp' scheme may fail without recruitment industry input, warns Southampton-based Gi Group's managing director, Pete Taylor.

The plan, revealed on May 21, aims to ease skills shortages by rapidly equipping British workers through dedicated training.

Targeting eligible benefits claimants, sectors like construction and manufacturing will be prioritised.

Due for oversight by a ministerial taskforce led by Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, Taylor praised the plan's merit but demanded further practicality analysis.

Pete Taylor said: "We welcome any measures which will create new talent for the UK workforce, be that in manufacturing, engineering or renewable technologies – or indeed in any of the sectors which have been hard hit by the ongoing skills shortage and migration. However, what we don’t want to see is a shiny concept with no teeth.

"These boot camps need to be crafted in close conversation with recruiters and industry leaders, so that they create workers with exactly the right abilities to enable growth and progression for UK businesses."