A detective has said 'too many lives are ruined' by drunken behaviour after a man was jailed for stabbing his friend of 20 years. 

Boguslaw Biela was sentenced to nine years in jail on Friday after he stabbed his friend during a party at his James Street flat in Southampton. 

The court heard how they had been drinking vodka in a group on July 15, 2023, before Biela got into an argument with his friend. 

The 67-year-old stabbed the man in the chest and shoulder with a kitchen knife and left him in intensive care for a week. 

At around 10.08pm, armed police attended the scene with South Central Ambulance Service.

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The 48-year-old victim has since returned home but now requires a stoma and is only able to complete light work. 

Detective Sergeant Daryanne Ryan said: "Too many lives are ruined, and even lost, to drunken behaviour on nights out across the UK.

"Our message is simple – if it’s you in the heated situation or a friend, think, de-escalate, and walk away.

"We are pleased with this result today, which means that Biela will face the consequences of his violent actions.

“I hope that the victim is able to move forward following what was understandably a traumatic ordeal for him which has had a huge impact on his life.

"I must thank the dedication of the investigation team, whose hard work has ensured that Biela will face justice, as well as the actions of the first officers on the scene.

"The judge noted how their quick actions, which went above and beyond what was expected of them, almost certainly saved the victim's life."

Daily Echo: James Street, SouthamptonJames Street, Southampton (Image: NQ)

Biela pleaded guilty to section 18 grievous bodily harm with intent. 

Southampton Crown Court was told how he had no previous convictions and had a "genuine but misplaced concern for his son" at the time of the incident. 

This son had been video-calling them at the time but was nowhere near his father's flat.

DS Ryan added that reducing knife crime in Southampton is one of the police's "top priorities" vowing to continue working to make communities safer.

“If any good can be taken from this, I would like it to be that if others have been on a night out or drinking with friends and find themselves in a heated situation, that they remember the consequences of violence, and ask themselves is it worth it?

"Is it worth potentially taking someone’s loved one away from them, and taking yourself away from your own family to serve a prison sentence?

"Is it worth having a criminal record? It never is."