It's a musical lesson in love and loss. 

Singer songwriter Lucy Kitchen is to release her new live EP The Stabal Sessions next week, her first musical project since the loss of her husband Stephen to cancer last year. 

Lucy, from Romsey, unveils a deeply personal musical journey through grief with this intimate collection of live recordings.

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She is committed to sharing her personal heartache and grief with others and hopes it will help anyone who find themselves in a similar position. 

Known for her haunting folk sound, Lucy's latest recording is a sonic tapestry of melancholic melodies, captivating vocals and personal storytelling recorded at Stabal Studios in London in May.

Daily Echo: Lucy with her husband Stephen, ten days before his death

Lucy told the Daily Echo: “Music has always been a channel for my emotions and experiences and my writing has always been deeply personal.

"The session at Stabal Music was the first major creative project I did after my husband died and it really pushed me back to myself when I was feeling lost.

"I’m so pleased with how it turned out and I hope that it connects with others who have experienced loss."

The EP features four tracks, one from her previous album Sun to My Moon, and three new songs. The opening track Blue Light has elements of Americana with slide guitar and haunting vocal harmonies and the EP closes with the heart-breaking song Chemo Song - Sleeping Song.

Daily Echo: Lucy Kitchen's album is out on December 15

The Stabal Sessions is a collaboration with musicians Kitty O’Neill (backing vocals), Morgan Rickman (lead guitar) and Frazer Pearce (double bass and bass guitar).

Released on her own label Bohemia Rose Records, it will be available on all major streaming platforms from Friday (December 15) with physical copies and downloads available from Lucy's Bandcamp page at 

Lucy, who has been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Beth Orton and Sandy Denny, has been in demand for collaborations over the past few years. Working with a number of electronic music acts to write and record, she has featured multiple times on BBC Radio 1 and in Mixmag magazine.