MORE than £1,800 has been raised for a Southampton rugby player who snapped his hip in half during a match.

Eric Johnson also fractured his pelvis socket tackling a Ventnor player - suffering injuries  that doctors have described as ‘the rarest break’ and something they would expect to see after a car crash.

He is currently at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, requiring a full hip replacement and at least three months post-operation recovery following the incident on Saturday.

The Southampton man has thanked Ventnor’s staff and players for their support.

Daily Echo: Eric snapped his hip clean in half and fractured the pelvis socket. Photo courtesy of Mark Flowers.Eric snapped his hip clean in half and fractured the pelvis socket. Photo courtesy of Mark Flowers.

Eric has received visitors from the Island rugby club every day since his admission, and the player he was tackling at the time, who celebrates his birthday on Friday, was there with Eric at St Mary’s on Saturday and visited him again on Sunday.

Speaking to the Echo's sister paper the County Press, Eric said: “I have been playing years, and I’ve never met a club so supportive, they didn’t have to go as far as they have.

“It’s a breath of fresh air to come across a team so supportive of a rival team.”

Eric also had a lot of thanks for Ventnor's physios, who held him up while his bones were facing in the wrong direction.

He said: “It would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the physios Emily and Zoe, I could have severed an artery or something.

“I can’t thank them enough.”

During his recovery, Eric will only receive statutory sick pay from his work, and he has rent/bills to pay and a young son, Maxwell, to look after.

Former coach and friend of Eric’s, Mark Flower, has set up a GoFundMe to help him through.

Mark said: "I hope that the rugby community can rally around and help a brother in need."

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