I WAS not surprised when my letter regarding traffic mayhem aroused such a great interest.

I am not against clean air or genuine cyclists.

But this city council have gone over the top, taking advantage of the pandemic and the lack of vehicles at this moment.

They, the cycle clique, do not seem to realise that this is an industrial city with a thriving docks.

Thousands of containers come in full and returned full or empty from other cities.

As I predicted Bassett Avenue will be clogged right back on to the motorway, vehicles in trouble will be forced to cross into the cycle lanes.

The cruise lines will recover in the end.

In places like Amsterdam, where everyone rides a sensible bike, cycling is popular.

Visitors and I’ve been there twice come in by coach and road, like other great cities.

If we want visitors here you must expect cars, coaches etc. to keep to timetables. It is very easy to say citizens can all use bikes.

What about shoppers, actually find a bus that goes anywhere near your road.

Use a cab, never mind the expense.

When the time comes buy an electric car, with all the problems that will bring when we are all electrified.

This city has no time for motorists at all, I see that the city are repairing Lordswood Road, I wrote mentioning this road at least a year ago, and I know others have.

I often read of the great sums of money given to the city I wonder what they spend it on, green paint I expect.

Alan Blandford