HUNDREDS were seen queuing in traffic jams to get their fast food fix as Mcdonald’s drive-thrus reopened.

Following a successful pilot in May, the restaurant chain has reopened restaurants across Hampshire and the UK for Drive-Thru and McDelivery.

They opened across the county on Wednesday at 11am.

And just three hours after drive-thru kiosks opened their shutters, queues were causing traffic across the region.

In Totton, motorists were seen having to wait for oncoming traffic to be clear before they could move around those in the queue.

Daily Echo:

Mcdonald's, Commercial Road, Totton

But on the Mcdonald's at Shirley Road, Southampton, one man queuing with his family said: "If I can't have something I want it more. I've been waiting three months for this."

While member of staff Craig Read said: "McDonald's is in my blood. My mum worked for the company for 30 years.

"It's been rammed all day."

Daily Echo:

Craig Read proudly represents Mcdonald's at Shirley Road, Southampton

While in Hedge End, the queue took customers about half an hour to reach the order kiosk, which tailed back onto the main road.

Staff were instructing drivers to edge closer to the vehicle in front of theirs in a bid to reduce traffic.

But some Hampshire residents think the queues are not worth sitting in.

One person said: “I’m not gonna sit in a queue for ages to get something that will fill me up for an hour.”

Daily Echo:

The longest queue was seen at Mcdonald's, Hedge End Retail Park

As the time edged closer to dinner for people in Millbrook, queues appeared to start edging onto its nearby roundabout.

Traffic queues were spotted blocking motorists who had just come off Millbrook Roundabout.

One person said: "I'll wait until the queues stop being mental."

But despite the queues increasing to around half an hour waiting time, this did not stop people from joining the ever-growing line.

Daily Echo:

Traffic builds at Mcdonald's Southampton Millbrook, Green Park Road

Cars were also seen waiting to pass those in line at Mcdonald’s, Green Park Road, for almost ten minutes.

The restaurants are offering a limited menu due to a smaller work force.

Daily Echo:

Mcdonald's queue at Southampton Esplanade, Westquay Retail Park