BROKEN furniture, old fridges and abandoned trolleys crammed full with bin bags have been dumped in a Southampton street.

Fly-tippers have reportedly been using Marchwood Road as their regular dumping ground.

But now one resident has had enough.

James Lamont says that rats and buzzing flies are attracted to the rubbish.

The 31-year-old says the end of the road near Millbrook Road West has been used by fly-tippers since he moved to the area five years ago.

He complains that mounds of rubbish have been piling up for weeks and now pose a public health risk.

The situation is now so bad James says it blocks a footpath.

A coffee roaster until recently being made redundant due to the coronavirus crisis.

James is now calling on Southampton City Council to take action and clean up the mess.

He claims, despite making multiple complaints in the past, nothing has been done.

He said: “It’s awful and disgusting. People dump stuff there all the time.

“There have been washing machines, gas canisters and old car batteries.

“There are rats and flies. People should pay more respect to the area they live in.

“People need to be more responsible. I’m fed up and would like the council to clean it up.”

A spokesperson for the city council said: "We received a report of rubbish being dumped at the end of Marchwood Road on Thursday 16 April. Our waste collection team cleared the area on Friday 17 April.

"Fly tipping is illegal and antisocial.  We are aware of areas in the city that are used regularly for this activity, we do all we can to monitor and clear up the fly-tipping incidents as soon as we are made aware of the problem.

"We encourage residents to report any incidents of fly-tipping on the council’s website as soon as possible."