A WOMAN who needs to raise £100,000 for life-changing surgery has turned to Christmas shoppers for help.

Jemma Lewry, 24, from Holbury, has suffered from chronic fatigue and severe pain since she was ten years old.

She said her skull slides forwards and backwards and that her neck dislocates when she turns her head - and has difficulty brushing her teeth, which “takes up so much energy”.

Jemma decided to ask for donations almost a year ago for a skull decompression treatment believed to improve pain and fatigue and stop her brain stem from being fatally damaged.

But this surgery is only available in Barcelona.

Since her condition began to deteriorate, Jemma became dependent on a wheelchair and crutches while spending most of her life laying on the sofa.

If Jemma does not raise the money in the next few months, her mother says she “will end up paralysed or could die”.

This December, she will be selling homemade candles and bottle lights amongst other stalls at two Hampshire Christmas fairs in a bid to raise funds.

She claims the Daily Echo, who published an article about Jemma in October, helped her to raise £400 of the £15,731 that has been donated so far.

She said: “The waiting list is getting longer as people around the world are trying to get the surgery. So we need to make the money as soon as we can.

“We will continue doing what we can to fundraise for my surgery as that’s the only way of stopping my conditions from progressing.”

Jemma will host a stall at Gang Warily Recreation and Community Center Christmas fair, Southampton, this Sunday from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

She will also set up a stall at Beaulieu Village Hall fair, New Forest, on December 14, from 2pm to 6pm, and a bucket collection at Applemore Tesco from 10.30am on December 4.

To donate, visit https://www.hope4jemma.org/.